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River Island Three Important Updates – September 29, 2023

With six of Del Oro’s 13 active wells damaged or destroyed by the March catastrophic floods, three of those wells (on the golf course) have now been rehabilitated. Del Oro’s engineers and the State Water Board agree that Well No. 33, which is affected by elevated nitrate levels, may be taken offline. Well No. 33 is offline as of today and will be totally disconnected from the system early next week.

To better meet current demand, bottled water hours are changing, and supplies will now be available two days per week at the River Island Country Club parking lot: Wednesdays and Saturdays, from 2 pm to 6 pm. Del Oro will continuously order additional shipments of bottled water and will supply bottled water until the new water treatment plant is online.

The treatment plant contractors are now indicating the initial plant startup testing is scheduled for mid-October.