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Water Conservation

Water Shortage Contingency Plan With Staged Mandatory Reductions And Drought Surcharges

Del Oro Water Company’s (DOWC) supply of water may be interrupted or reduced due to a variety of circumstances; for instance, in response to a drought or other catastrophic event.  This Schedule builds upon DOWC’s Rule 14.1 and provides it with additional means to achieve necessary reductions in water use.

Water Facts, Did you Know?
A dripping faucet can easily consume:

15 Gallons per day

450 Gallons per month

A leaking toilet at 1/2 GPM can waste:

720 Gallons per day

21,600 Gallons per month

Watering Garden for 2 hr./day at 5 GPM (Avg. Use) can waste:

18,000 Gallons per month

Old, less-efficient washing machines

Around 7,000 Gallons per year

A single drip every second can waste:

7 Gallons in just 24 hours…. that’s 210 Gallons wasted in just 30 days!

A leak in a 1/2 in. pipe can waste:

60,900 gal. per day

1,827,000 gal. per month

A leaking 1/4 in. pipe can waste:

15,226 gal. per day

456,800 gal. per month that’s 1,370,400 per quarter

A broken service line can waste:

An average of 8,100 Gallons every 9 hours